Ultimate Ham Radio Guide for Beginners


ARRL Field Day and the Technician Class License

You have earned your Technician Class License and have heard about this event called Field Day.  You have heard it is a big deal to Ham Radio operators and they look forward to it each year and you want to know how you can participate. From the ARRL website: "Field...

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Intro to HF Digital Modes

Since I became interested in ham radio HF Digital Modes, I was recently asked if I would like to give a presentation at our radio club's annual conference. I do like to get up in front of people so I agreed. I have been interested in the Digital Amateur Radio Modes so...

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ARRL Library is now Online

What is the ARRL Library? From the ARRL Library Website: The ARRL Library is a repository of information provided free of charge by the amateur community to the amateur community. PowerPoint presentations for club use, PDF's of educational content and personal...

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10 Meter Band and the Technician Class Ham

The 10 meter band for a ham radio beginner is one of the best bands you can use to talk to the world.  During my brief experience in ham radio I have learned that the 10 meter band will provide more consistent opportunities to make long distance (DX) QSOs than the 6...

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